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Geeta Sharma, Barclays Wealth

Insights© Discovery helps people to better understand themselves and find ways to adapt their approaches to improve relationships and results.

Nick In Action

About Insights© Discovery

Insights© Discovery uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to a team.

What his clients say

Geeta Sharma

Barclays UK

Nick has the ability to truly engage with his audience, keeping the training enjoyable, fun, interactive and energetic. With Nick, it’s not just a case of what he knows but how he delivers what he knows.

Sheila Spence


I did a straw poll today and ALL of the team, without exception, felt they got a huge amount out of the Insights session. Thanks, Nick.

Ziba Goddard

Cowry Consulting

Nick delivered Insights training for our business, and it was a game-changer. He is a complete expert and delivered a brilliant and engaging session. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

David Brew-Riverson

Europe Arab Bank

Nick, in a meeting yesterday with a challenging client, I adapted the Insights training (I became more ‘Red’) and after 20 minutes, the client agreed to go with a £25million transaction earning us circa £2millon income. Thank you!

Sophie Robinson

Pfizer UK

I have utilised Nick’s Insights training over a number of years with a broad spectrum of colleagues, ranging from junior team members, to senior leaders. Nick’s amazing style and focus creates an energetic, powerful environment in which to learn, engage, debate and get results.

Bronwen Smyth

Royal Bank of Scotland

Nick delivered a fantastic Insights session that made a huge impact. His storytelling and the way he brought to life the personality traits aligned to the Insights model really resonated with our audience group.

Chris Ashton


The Insights Discovery profile was so powerful. It clarified why certain colleagues behave the way they do and gave me and my team the tools on how to best approach them. Outstanding session, Nick.

Alexandra Delamain

The Economist

Nick was hugely instrumental in helping me connect the dots with my newly formed team. He identified insights that enabled me to move the team forward quickly, increasing productivity and adding immediate value to the business.


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