Influencing with Impact

Struggling to wow your colleagues, clients, customers?

In today’s world, everyone from the CEO to the graduate is required to influence… and influence brilliantly. Command and control structures have given way to less hierarchical, cross-team and partnership working where you get things done by inspiring and persuading.

This masterclass will provide you with practical tips and techniques to become more influential. Based on the pioneering and powerful I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. technique, this masterclass will transform anyone’s ability to influence. It covers how to plan and structure a case, how to develop the skill of selling your ideas, how to get others to say “yes”, how to handle counter arguments, how to win over difficult people.

Be more persuasive and exert more influence.


  • Increased confidence in handling different people and situations
  • More success in negotiations
  • Strategies to state your case convincingly
  • Improved questioning and listening skills
  • Able to turn a “no” into a “yes”

Who’s it for?

Positive influencing skills are relevant to a broad range of people – managers, graduate trainees, HR specialists, consultants, project leaders, lawyers, key account managers, team leaders…anyone that needs to get a “yes”!