Conflict Resolution

Conflict at work can cause significant problems, and it’s by no means uncommon.

  • 4 in 10 of us report being involved in interpersonal conflict at work
  • Managers spend on average 20% of their time dealing with conflict issues
  • The CBI estimates that conflict in the workplace costs the UK economy £33 billion every year

It goes without saying that organisations would benefit significantly by minimizing conflict and finding ways to enable people to work together more effectively, resulting in better results on a day to day basis. The good news is there is a way to help colleagues relate to anyone (particularly in tricky situations) which in turn helps maximise the impact and effectiveness they have in their roles.


“I have noticed there is much less miscommunication/misunderstanding around the place and definitely less time wasted on personal disagreements. We now have many more open, honest conversations. This has undoubtedly improved efficiency and increased performance – I would say by at least 25%”

“Since the conference, there have been hardly any clashes or falling outs and efficiency is at an all time high – with at least 85% of our deadlines met a day in advance”.

“With much less conflict amongst colleagues, this has resulted in more effective internal communication as we get things done quicker and more efficiently. Two accounts have gone from a daily profit average of £3,700 to £5,250”

“Despite the many large egos in the business, we are more aware of HOW we interact with each other and there has been a definite reduction in aggressive behaviour – I would say to the tune of 50%. Wasted time on bickering and disagreements is also much improved”