Clear Communication & Collaboration

Getting on well with people at work is paramount; it gets the job done.

However, in every organisation there will be times when colleagues don’t get on. We’ve all experienced incidents of niggles, frustrations, strained relationships, personality clashes, friction and conflict. Nick is the guy who fixes this – by enabling people, colleagues and teams to work together more effectively, collaborate more successfully, function more professionally…all of which leads to improved performance.

Nick shares a powerful, practical, pragmatic 6 step model that enables colleagues to get on with, cooperate with and interact with anyone and everyone.


“I’ve started applying a shift in my behaviour when communicating with clients that I used to find difficult. I’m now able to get much more clarity and scope on the tasks that I’m working on, particularly when collaborating with other developers. This has increased my sprint velocity by 30%”

“I’ve enhanced my collaboration with three colleagues in particular – resulting in the project finishing before the scheduled deadline AND under budget”

“I’ve improved relationships with several of my co-workers – including my boss! Before starting work on a job, I now request more detailed information and make sure I thank people for their time and help. The results are obvious – fewer mistakes, better working environment, less stress. I would say that I’ve increased my productivity by about 25%”

“With better understanding of my colleagues, I am able to alter my behaviour which has resulted in more productive meetings and a more focused approach towards targets (plus less time wasted due to my normal over analysing). We have been able to ramp up conversion rates by 22% per product”