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What do the very best communicators do to get on with anyone? What skills do they possess that allow them to win over everyone they meet? 

“YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS…” provides the answer. This book enables people to work together better, collaborate more effectively, function more successfully – all of which leads to improved performance. It’s about turning relationships into results.

This compelling and highly effective book will give you:

  • The essential six skills to get on with anyone
  • Tips and techniques on how to use them
  • An increased awareness/understanding of others
  • A framework to improve collaboration
  • Improved relationships with your colleagues and customers

“Nick’s unique blend of business thinking and rich, real-life experience is wise, insightful and authentic. “YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS…” is a book that encapsulates all this.” Matt Dickinson, The Times

“Having worked with Nick, I can speak from experience that his book exudes the same passion and energy that he does in person. “YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS…” is written from the heart and is practical, readable and relevant”. Alexandra Delamain, Snr Vice President – The Economist

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