Put simply, Nick turns relationships into results.

Now we are starting to return to some kind of normality post Covid (hopefully!), excellent
communication and collaboration is more important than ever as we re-establish face to face relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

In an era where employee engagement is down to 15% and 4 in 10 of us report some form of interpersonal conflict at work, Nick helps individuals and teams transform the way they operate with others. He specialises in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution, enabling people to work together more effectively.

He does this by sharing a powerful, practical, pragmatic 6 step model that enables people, colleagues and teams to get on with, collaborate with and interact with anyone and everyone.

Nick is the author of the No.1 bestselling book “You can choose your friends…” and is known as The Family Man, for his unique comparison methods.

On a personal level, Nick loves sports autobiographies, live comedy, full bodied red wine, keeping fit and the company of family and close friends. He occasionally takes the “keeping fit” bit to extreme lengths, such as completing the ultra-marathon event – The Marathon des Sables. (The MdS is a race that consists of running 6 marathons in 6 days carrying all your kit in the Sahara in 50 degrees heat….as you do). Did he mention that he’s a tad competitive?

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